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Date : 08.08.16
Map Point : eilean 54
Color : blue
Season : summer
Duration : 47.24 mn
Edition : limited to 130 copies


øjeRum is Copenhagen based musician and collage artist Paw Grabowski. Since 2014 he has put out releases on various labels such as A Giant Fern, Cabin Floor Esoterica, Scissor Tail Editions, Phinery and Vaald. øjeRum is all about the attempt to capture and convey emotions, moods and memories.



VIDEO : www.vimeo.com/176473819


All sounds and art by øjeRum
Voice on "Ljilja" by Ljiljana Babić

Mastered by Mathias Van Eecloo
Artwork by øjeRum
Inside photography by Mathias Van Eecloo
Design by Rémi Verdier



released August 8, 2016

"Loose and vibrant, øjeRum’s “Væv” feels akin to a living organism. Within the album everything is given a light and airy sheen from the way that the songs gradually unfurl to the tactile nature of the sounds, all of it works. The songs simply stun as their exquisite detail and spaciousness feels seemingly endless. Such a delicate touch works wonders for these fragile compositions. Best taken together as a whole, the songs present an unspoken narrative, one at times reflective and at others positively overflowing with optimism.

Deep resonant tones ring out on the regal opener “Hud”. On here the tempo and rhythms find themselves manipulated ever so slightly giving the song a feeling of being slightly askew. By opting for this scenario øjeRum creates an atmosphere that bursts forth with great energy. Jazzy in nature is the gentle “Glasfugl” with plucks floating blissfully in the air. Quiet and spacious is he emotionally charged work of “Mine Hænder I Intet” easily the highlight of the album. A sense of drama permeates the song as it drifts up into the heavens with great purpose. Disorienting in scope is the constantly shifting scope of the title track “Væv”. Mixing industrial and folk together is the off-kilter work of “Tåge”. Delivered straight from the heart is the earnest minimalism of “Giv Os Mørket Tilbage”. A truly surreal finale to the album occurs with the otherworldly “Afsavn”.

øjeRum’s “Væv” is a true gem, a mystical journey into the unknown."
- Beach Sloth

"Copenhagen-based Paw Grabowski, in his øjeRum guise, plucks and strums his treated acoustic guitar, sounding at times like church bells, at times like angelic harp, and suspends the listener in the magic of the gossamer melodies. It’s impossible to escape until it completes its album cycle – it envelopes you in a haze and narcotizes the present moment, serving as an interior time machine to your past. That’s the overarching review of this record – it does not venture beyond this state. Within this continuum, Grabowski explores the idea of the human being whose feelings are harnessed in a distinct way by his music. Indeed, Væv translates to “tissue,” as in the tissues of the human body, and each passage on the record is dedicated to the idea of human interaction with itself and its interiority. Grabowski “fleshes out” this concept (I’m sorry) by marrying the physical with the emotional, allowing the body and the mind to grapple with absence by triggering heartrending emotion through composition. To say that it’s effective is an understatement."
- The Critical Masses

"...a rather special release from OjeRum entitled ‘vaev’ upon whose finite and fragile canvas a delicately dimpled and demurred tapestry is weaved whereupon the gathering of lulling pastorals, bowed arrangements and close contact ghost light ambient collages beautifully carve a fondly introspective photographic album of collected fading yesterdays, always touching sometimes tearful the feint detailing is exquisitely brought into sharpening focus by the sparse use of space, poise and timing leaving these minimalist sighs to wash forth over the would be listener with a sense of melancholic intimacy."
-The Sunday Experience

"The compositions on this album somewhat reach the avant-garde scene, but are still gentle, calm and quite immersive pieces of minimal music. With this minimal and often repetitive approach, these tracks are very interesting to explore. They show different sides each time, sometimes reaching out to classical music, sometimes almost medieval folk and sometimes calm and soothing ambient. [...] this is a highly recommended piece of work, one I will be listening to quite often from now on."
- Merchants of air

"Væv is more composed of fragments and distillations of mood than melodic or narrative structures. But, as on would expect from a fine collage, the remnants of many things unify to form something new & compelling and in this case, quite beautiful. The pervading mood is wistful and forlorn, but the copious use of acoustic guitar lends the music a sylvan warmth and the soft glow of dappled light as it turns in the slowly whirring clockworks of memory."
- Stationary Travels

"[...] Tutto ciò contribuisce a definire il nuovo dispaccio dall’isolamento creativo di Paw Grabowski, che in “Væv” ha condensato gli aspetti più descrittivi e ascetici del suo fragile universo parallelo, fatto di corde acustiche e registrazioni casalinghe ma dotato di valenza umana universale e orizzonti sconfinati come quelli dell’immaginazione."
- Music Won't Save You

"Il prolifico artista danese ci trasporta attraverso le sue delicate trame di chitarra acustica e innesti sintetici nel suo personale immaginario, un universo in cui il tempo resta sospeso e in cui i ricordi navigano liberi [...] In qualsiasi caso si mantiene inalterata la sensazione di navigare in un mondo dove tutto acquista un senso differente e le cui tessiture sembrano perennemente sul punto di disgregarsi per restituirci alla realtà."
- So What Musica


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