Syrenen Lukker Lysets Øjne Med Hele Sin Vægt

by øjeRum

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Released on Vaald - Sold out from label

From the label:

melancholy acoustic musings from prolific danish artist.


released February 28, 2016

"Ojerum is one of the few artists from the informational black hole that is the Vaald label that we can say a few things about; but even then, it ain't much. Ojerum has a name and it's Paw Grabowski. That's it. On this cassette, he presents two elliptical pieces each about 10 minutes long for acoustic guitar and dulcimer, both intertwining in trancelike chimings of meditative harmonics and melodies. The timbre of these pieces allude to the oblique neofolk, minor chords of Sol Invictus, but his playing is far looser, keeping true to the vanguard minimalism of Alexander Turnquist, with these ghostly figures on acoustic instruments hypnotically cycling amidst subtle wash of windswept field recordings. So lovely, and so limited."
- Aquarius Records

"This is the kind of music that could preternaturally spring into being, generated only by a lazy summer afternoon spent staring into space. Time dilates and stretches until minutes become indistinguishable from hours, and it’s no longer clear how long the coffee has been undrinkably lukewarm or when the sun began to dip behind the trees. The woefully short cassette causes trance-states as the slow, lo-fi guitar wedges itself between the listener and their train of thought, derailing the whole process of comprehension. The world becomes sunlight, the hum of guitar stings and the slow rhythm of breathing as a day is well-spent on just existing."
-Tiny Mix Tapes



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